LEGO in Schools

The benefits of LEGO education in schools are undeniable, proven both through studies and anecdotally – it is seen as a way to boost kids’ communication skills, improve problem solving, facilitate emotional growth, inspire creativity and develop fine motor skills. But it wasn’t until we added bulk school packs to our offering and started receiving feedback from teachers, chaplains and, most importantly, students, that we really understood the power of LEGO bricks in the classroom.

Benefits of Using LEGO in the Classroom


Teamwork and Social Skills


Communication and Language skills


Problem solving, Mathematics and Spatial Awareness


Creativity and Experimentation


Physical Development


Perseverance and Management of Frustrations




Lowering Anxiety and Stress




Focus and Concentration

What they say

 Buy in bulk, or find your fit

Knowing that no two schools, classrooms or extracurricular groups are alike, we offer the option to tailor your LEGO pack to your needs. Find out how we can help you customise your LEGO pack by sending an email to, or shop one of our bulk LEGO packs by clicking below.

LEGO Classroom Ideas

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