These bags are simply adorable!  A mixed bag to add to your LEGO City, Creator Houses, MOC's and gardens. No two bags are the same...
LEGO Masonry Profile Brick PACK OF 50 Bags vary according to availability, randomly selected.
PRELOVED LEGO Minifigure Accessories - Mixed Bags We will use our Minifigure bags and add a minimum of 50 in each bag Randomly selected
PRELOVED LEGO Mixed Bag of Plates, Choose your Colour 250g Mixed plates various sizes in one colour (may include colour variations)
LEGO BRAND NEW 2x4 Black Brick Pack of 50 BRAND NEW
PRELOVED LEGO Medium Bag of Plain Tiles All bags are mixed tile sizes chosen at random.
BRAND NEW LEGO Bright Green Leaves Pack of 50
LEGO BROWNS MIXED BAG 400g 400g is randomly selected and a mix of all browns, dark tan, dark orange etc.