Picture this: You walk into your work event, sit down at a table and find… a pile of LEGO parts. You quickly realise this is no ordinary work event.

The event’s facilitator asks you to build how you’re feeling that morning. There’s a pause, but before long your colleagues are busily putting together the LEGO pieces in weird and wonderful ways. Has everyone always been this creative?!

When you’re finished building, you take turns explaining your builds to the other people in your group. It’s the perfect ice breaker activity, leading into a fun session where you collectively use LEGO parts to explore concepts and work through different problems.

When the event finishes a few hours later (time really does fly when you’re having fun!) you realise you now know your colleagues better than you ever did before. And you get some LEGO parts to take home. Best. Workday. Ever.

What is LEGO serious play?

LEGO Serious Play was developed by academics Johan Roos and Bart Victor in the mid-90s and was integrated by The LEGO Group soon after.

First established as a tool for managers to describe, create and challenge their views on business, LEGO Serious Play has since transformed into an experiential process for use in guided workshops of all kinds. It’s popular for its ability to promote dialogue, encourage reflection and develop problem-solving skills, imagination, and critical thinking.

So trusted is the LEGO Serious Play method that it has been used by global corporations like IKEA, Virgin and Samsung for strategy development, stakeholder consultation and team building. How can you introduce the powers of LEGO Serious Play to your business?

BrickResales: Partners in play

Corporate LEGO play offers an effective way for businesses to supercharge their team, boost morale and welcome new staff – be it in person or virtually – all using the magic and familiarity of LEGO bricks. It is the ultimate addition to your next event or conference.

Judy and the BrickResales team proudly provide upcycled LEGO parts for custom kits, suitable for business and events of all sizes. Simply send us an email at support@brickresales.com.au letting us know the proposed date of your event, the number of delegates and your location.

We can’t wait to connect with you.