“Curious minds are primed to adapt to change – they create new possibilities, pathways and connections with others and with ideas. Playful humans are bold and creative – they are willing to take risks or try something new, even if it might make them look silly.


Bringing it all together is where the magic happens.” – Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

What is Corporate LEGO Play?

Developed by academics Johan Roos and Bart Victor in the mid-90s as a tool for managers to explore their views on business, it wasn’t long before Corporate LEGO Play was integrated by The LEGO Group.


Since then, Corporate LEGO Play has transformed into an experiential process for use in guided workshops of all kinds. It’s popular for its ability to promote dialogue, encourage reflection and develop problem-solving skills, imagination, and critical thinking.


It’s so trusted that it has been used by the likes of IKEA, Virgin and Samsung for strategy development, stakeholder consultation and team building. It begs the question: how can you introduce the powers of Corporate LEGO Play to your business?

BrickResales: Partners in play

Judy and the BrickResales team proudly provide Corporate LEGO Play Facilitator Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie with upcycled LEGO parts for her custom kits. Sharing a passion for supporting women in business, sustainability and human connection, Dr Kate and Judy recognised the power of their partnership instantly. They just clicked!


In addition to being a Corporate LEGO Play facilitator, award-winning play-based strategist, innovation columnist and researcher, Dr Kate is also the developer of her own style of Corporate LEGO Play. SUPERCONNECT is a powerful play-based facilitation, strategy, collaboration and engagement methodology that creates connection, clarity and confidence.


Working with the likes of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Deakin University and Microsoft, Dr Kate has presented…

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • Speed networking events

  • Team building sessions

  • Dating workshops (through her Lovego Method)

… all using the magic and familiarity of LEGO bricks.

What could Corporate LEGO Play do for your business or event?

From breaking the ice to helping your delegates connect on a deeper level, Corporate LEGO Play – and Dr Kate’s SUPERCONNECT Method in particular – is the ultimate addition to your next event or conference. For businesses, it is an effective way to supercharge your team, boosting morale, team cohesion and welcoming new staff – be it in person or virtually.

Check out what some of Dr Kate’s clients had to say…

How can BrickResales help

We provide custom Corporate LEGO Play kits for business and events of all sizes. Simply send us an email at support@brickresales.com.au letting us know the proposed date of your event, the number of delegates and your location.

We can’t wait to connect with you.