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School Bulk LEGO Pack (large)

SKU: SC0007


Our large school packs contain a terrific mix of bulk LEGO, plus Minifigures, foliage, food, accessories, lots of plates for building platforms, a great mix of wheels, windscreens, doors and windows to cover all aspects of building with children.

These packs are specially designed for schools just beginning your LEGO collection and have a larger cohort or programs utilising LEGO. A great size for all the children to have plenty of parts without children having to ‘share’ or wait for a turn! Your children will love this bundle as it contains more Minifigures, accessories and variety of parts for them to choose from.

We also include some complimentary LEGO Instruction Booklets to give your children ideas & inspiration!

Our price includes delivery.

*Photos are indicative only of actual LEGO you will receive as our stock changes daily.

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